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Our Story

Reno, the celebrated chef of La Cucina Bistro, is a true culinary artist, fueled by a fervent passion for cooking. This passion was ignited in his youth, under the guidance of his Greek grandmother, shaping him into a kitchen virtuoso renowned for his vibrant, flavourful dishes.

His commitment to excellence is evident in his insistence on using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients, meticulously prepared daily. Reno's culinary journey commenced with an apprenticeship at HTN, where he was immersed in the world of fine dining, further honed at Aqua Dining through the craft of modern Australian cuisine.

An enlightening culinary expedition to the United States and Canada expanded his horizons, leading him back to Australia as a sous chef at Dolton House. This experience paved the way for a partnership with his father, the esteemed fishmonger Santino Lombardo, culminating in the creation of La Cucina Bistro in 2022 at the Campsie South Bowling Club & Recreation Club.

Reno's dedication to fresh produce has fostered strong bonds with suppliers like James from Fruitilicious, ensuring the finest ingredients for his kitchen. He delights in culinary innovation, with standout favorites like his garlic prawn pasta and a succulent mussel pot, complemented by crusty bread ideal for savoring the rich sauce.

La Cucina Bistro not only offers exquisite cuisine and a warm ambiance but also earned the 2022 Local Business Award, affirming its status as a culinary beacon in the community.

In a thrilling new chapter, Reno and La Cucina Bistro have relocated to the Guildford Bowling Club, brimming with enthusiasm to share his culinary artistry with the local neighborhood. This move marks an exciting evolution for Reno, bringing his beloved cooking closer to more food enthusiasts. Reno's journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and his deep love for gastronomy, promising an unforgettable dining experience that keeps patrons coming back for more.

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